Rules 1-5

1: Under no circumstances show the list to anyone.

"Hi guys," Percy called, "What are you doing?"

"Making a list of 100 Things Not To Do At Camp Half-Blood!"

"Cool. Can we join in?" Percy asked, as Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Nico, Katie and Clarisse came up.

"Sure." The brothers replied.

2. Never give the Stoll brothers shaving cream.

It had been a long day at Camp and everyone was tired. As Campers began climbing into bed, they discovered someone had been there already. Yells of shock and annoyance flew around the cabins as people discovered the shaving cream. As realisation dawned on everyone, one resounding cry could be heard all around Camp Half-Blood, "STOLL!"

3. Don't leave a golden mango, or any other golden item with a message on it saying To the Hottest in the Aphrodite cabin, or there will  be war.

As twenty or so Aphrodite campers filed into their cabin, Nico di Angelo crouched beneath their window. He snickered as they found the banana saying To the Fittest. 

"That's obviously me!" One exclaimed.

"Get lost, it's me!" Another called.

"Hello? Are you blind as well as ugly? It's me! Now hand it over!" Drew demanded.


"That's it!" With that, war broke out in the Aphrodite cabin, whilst Nico di Angelo smugly walked away from the scene of the crime, laughing to himself as he went.

4. Do not tell the Aphrodite campers that it was Nico who sent them the banana.

"Didn't you hear?" Thalia asked a fuming Drew, who had make-up smudged all over her face and her clothes were ripped. Not to mention she reeked of designer perfume.

"What?" She growled.

"Nothing, just that Nico sent you guys that banana just to see your reactions." Thalia explained, calmly straightening her armour. 

"He did WHAT?!" Drew exclaimed. Thalia grimaced as she watched poor Nico be attacked by a mob of angry, blood-thirsty Aphrodite campers. Should she help him? Nah, he could probably summon some skeleton warriors from the Underworld to help him. With that, she walked away, leaving a screaming Nico behind her.

5. Leaving Percy notes that could potentially put him into therapy is not a good idea, especially if he's supposed to lead an army to war.

Percy picked up a note that had just been slid under his door and began to read.

Dearest Perseus, 

You're next.


He fainted where he stood.

The End

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