100 Flaws and ImperfectionsMature

Jessica's father has gone into a full on coma after being hit by a car. Her mother and father are divorced and school is about to end! In the end, it's decided that she must go live with her mother. Someone she hasn't gotten along with for a long time.


Summer vacation was supposed to be the best part of high school. It was my last day as a sohpomore at my school and my dad and I had this summer all planned out. We were supposed to drive down to Galveston and enjoy the beach down there, then we would drive back to Texas and every day of summer break, and we would go out for ice cream. Everything was booked and perfect. Nothing could go wrong.

I rode the crowded bus home full of excited people like me, ready for summer break. Everything was still the same. When I got home no one was there. The lights were out, there was no movement; there was just utter silence.

I walked into the dining room and there was simply some cut up fruit with a note that said:

I have to go pick up some food! Enjoy these fruits?
-Dad xoxo

I took some fruit and and went into my room. I stayed there reading some books and watching some TV for a couple hours. When six o'clock came around I began to get hungry. I went through the fridge after a couple minutes in search of food, but my dad was right. We needed food. I picked up my phone and dialed in my dads number and waited a couple rings and then someone answered.

"Hello?" a female voice called.

"Hi, is Chris Stevens there?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetie. Who are you? Are you his daughter?"

"Yes, can I ask who she is?" I said curiously.

"I found his daughter," I heard her call to someone. "This is Janna from the police department. We were going to call you, but we didn't see a home phone or a 'daughter' listed in your fathers phone."

"Can I ask why you have my dads phone?" I asked.

"You're father got into a car crash this afternoon at around one thirty this afternoon."

I didn't speak after that nor did I listen. I was panicing inside and thining of all the ways this could go wrong. "-- Do you have some kind of way to get here? Is your mother there?" Janna asked.

"My parents are divorced, but I can get my friend to take me to the hospital!" I said already preparing to dial my Karren's number after I got the adress.

I was rushed to the hospital and into the ER like I was told to. From then on I just waited. I sat there with Karren and her mother in the waiting room along with other people that I didn't know, but after an hour or two, they called Karren's mother in for some brief questions.

When she came back she only gave me a wry smile. "Jessica," she said calmly and I knew that something bad was just about to happen. "I know you won't like this, but they asked me to get in touch with a relative." I knew where this was going. "And the only relative I knew was your mother."

Well shit. This was going to be splended. There was one reason why I didn't want to live with my mom. Wait, there were a few. She didn't go to college, she couldn't have supported me with the income she made, and she went out almost every other night to some club.

"It's okay, I understand." I said wondering if my mom was sober enough to take the news.

The first day of summer break was already getting off to a bad start. I  kept thinking that things couldn't get any worse, but everytime I said that to myself, 'karma' seemed to have proved me wrong. I guess some things never go the way you want it. Now who was going to take me to get ice cream? Not my mom, that's for sure.

The End

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