i would go mental without 10 things

  1.  family and friends (wait...does that count as two or one? I think one because hey, they are the combined best thing ever)
  2. my iPod (really, i cant get work done without it...except in exams-that would be unfortunate if i didnt :S)
  3. my computer (i've ended up constantly checking protag and msn-the amount of times I have tried to give up technology...it's not possible damnit!)
  4. smiles and hugs (ok well this is definitely two things but they do come hand in hand, like fish n chips or ....some other two things that go really well together. you get the point)
  5. books (what the hell else do you expect me to do? there's only so many american comedies and series of doctor who on tv...)
  6. singing (spesh when belting along to my iPod or at choir, where we also have our meerkat club to celebrate the music teacher-whom we love even though he looks like a meerkat :D)
  7. drama (i can't help it lovey, i just need a dramatic outlet or i end up having a mard when i drop something :P)
  8. camera (i love looking at photos ive taken and messing about with them-scrapbooks ftw)
  9. food (glorious, fooooood! hot sausage and mustard etc etc)
  10. oxygen (that is pretty essential).
The End

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