10 Things That Make My Life Worth Living

1) My friends and family. (They make me who I am)

2) The dark (Love it. Absolutely love it)

3) Long walks in the mountains (Favourite thing in the world to do.)

4) The untamed wildernesses of the world (So much mystery, so much beauty, so much danger. I never want to lose that magic)

5) My evil plans for World Domination (Enough said)

6) Fire. (Total pyromaniac, adore the stuff)

7) Humour and laughter.  (My life is one big joke. It's brilliant)

8) All the things in life that make my pulse race and give me that jolt of adrenaline. Rollercoasters for example. (Love the rush. Makes me feel alive.)

9) My laptop and Protag (So I can fulfil my writing ambitions)

10) Chocolate. (Where would the world be without it?)

The End

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