Step 8: Don't make enemies in the wrong places

Well this shouldn't be too hard. I'm a fairly likeable person, right? It would be hard to MAKE enemies in the first place!

I walked into school. Head high, shoulders back, chest out. Confidence is key. Then, there He was, looking as gorgeous as ever. I sidled over to Him (He was on His own for once!) and, keeping the utmost control over the muscles in my face, gave Him a small and flirtatious smile.

"Hey, Roseanna," He said, not returning the grin. Huh? Why not? Am I doing something wrong? Have I got something in my teeth?


Risking a quick glance in my hand-held mirror, I confirmed no, my teeth were fine. Then why did He not smile at me?


"Hi," I started nervously. "Uhm... What's up?"

"What have you been saying about Chantelle?" He demanded thunderously.

"What - what do you mean?" I stammered.

"She told me how you were being all snotty to her, and when she tried to give you advice, you flipped and walked away from her."

"What? Oh, you don't understand," I explained, as I realised He was referring to my conversation with the school chav when I was tackling Step 6. "You see, she practically insulted me. I think she's really an insufferable cow, but hey, that's my opinion! Surely you don't like her that much?"

I regretted the words the second I had uttered them.

"Yes, I like her. In fact, I love her. She's my sister for God's sake."

Ohhh dear. You've blown this one Roseanna.


"Hahaha," I tried to shrug it off. "I was only joking!"

"Yeah right," He looked at me, disgusted, and then walked away.


The End

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