Step 7: If you feel sexy, you will look sexy

Step 7: If you feel sexy, you will luck sexy.

Hints and Tips for achieving this step: Fancy lingerie is a great way to feel sexy without giving anything away. Wear it under normal clothes and you will feel much more confident.

Lingerie. The word struck an arrow of fear deep into my soul. And I've never really bought a snazzy bra or anything before in my life so wish me luck. Please.

After school I once again went shopping in the village. I once again was alone. And I once again wanted to go in and out of the shop as quickly as was humanly possible to avoid potential humiliation. Being discovered in an underwear shop would be worse than in Superdrug.

But then, shock and horror, I began to have fun. After I got over the initial embarrassment of having to be measured and all that jazz (I still wear those sports bras,) it was quite entertaining looking for different styles and shapes.

I finally decided on this really cute pink satin one with a tiny bow right in the middle, and I bought matching panties to go with it. Once I'd made my purchase, I changed into them in the dressing rooms, and strolled out of the shop with my head held high.

Suddenly, I spotted Him and His gang over by the pool, a regular haunt of His.

I think it's time to revisit Step 4: Flirt cautiously and effectively.

Deciding on going for the accidentally on purpose touch on the arm, I strode past Him, brushing against His side.

"Hey Roseanna," He said.

I turned around, gave Him my best smile (being careful not to show too many teeth, and said in my best, pitch-controlled voice:


"Umm..." He began.

Yes? Yes? I willed Him on silently.

"Nice panties," He finished.

I gasped and looked behind me to see my school skirt tucked into my new panties. Fab. I ran away as fast as I could, embarrassed.

The End

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