Step 5: Don't get embaressed

I finally made it to the door (after crashing into several people on the way) and slammed it shut behind me. Don't get embarassed, who comes up with these stupid steps anyway? Have they even lived?

In my (not embarassed) embarassment, I ran into the nearest classroom and shut the door behind me. Luckily, there was nobody else in the room. That would've been just my luck.

There was a tentative knock on the door I'd just stormed through. It opened and He walked in, in all His glorious wonderfulness. "Hey," He said weakly. "Look, sorry about what all my mates were saying. I don't feel like that - in fact, I kinda like you..."

I was overwhelmingly astounded. Me, Roseanna. He liked me!!!

"Really?" I couldn't keep the joy from my face, as it split into my signature creepy grin.

"I did say kinda..." he was obviously taken aback by my eagerness. Stay calm and relaxed Roseanna. Remember Step 2...

"Yeah, well... I knew that..." I stammered, remembering to keep my voice non-freakish.

Then, before I knew it, He was leaning in to kiss me. Bloody hell... Right - Calm, Relaxed, Cool, Smoooooooth. And before I knew it (and before the magical moment of lips touching), I had an overwhelming desire to sneeze. So I did (when you've got to, you've got to,) and typically, it went all over Him.

The person who writes these tips really needs to be fired, I thought, as I ran, embarassed, out of the door.

The End

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