Step 4: Flirt cautiously and effectfully

Flirting, ok, I can do that. It's basically smiling, eye contct and just a meaningful accidentally on purpose touch on the arm.

I glared at the clock on the wall and begged it to go faster so it would be lunch, and, finally, the bell sounded and we were released.

I walked into the dining hall and my heart stopped. There He was! Oh my god. Right, this is the moment. The moment when my intentions become clear without shouting it out from the school roof. Deep breath. Think flirty, think smiling and eye contact. Go, go go!

I swept past him, smiling and keeping eye contact. Ooh, Him and his mates are smiling back. Well done Roseanna! Now for the meaningful accidentally on purpose touch on the arm. I walked past him slowly, slightly sticking my elbow out and then leaning towards him...Oh sugar, I've just tripped! And not only that but I've not touched him on the arm- I've rammed him in the chest! Oh God!

"Oi!" Oh no, now one of His mates is shouting at me "You! What are you doing, you freak? It was bad enough When you were grinning like a looney at him and giving him evils, I mean, that's why we were laughing... But now your assaulting him! What's wrong with you?"

Oh God...What the hell do I do now? Oh sod it I think as I bolt for the door...

The End

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