Step 3: If you're going to lie, don't make it obvious

Ok then, so steps 1 and 2 went as well as painful death, but step 3 was foolproof. I can lie. I lie all the time. Right, so if I see him...


Dragged out of my thoughts by the signal for the end of class, I sighed and started to make my way out of the door.

I strolled along the coridoor towards maths, walking slower every second...I hate maths. What is the point? With a grimace, I opened the door to my maths room.

Oh. My. God.  It's him! What's he doing in my maths? I suddenly realised I was staring at him a little bit intensely, and he looked as if i was about to whip a revolver out of my bag and point it at his head.

I quickly looked away and scurried down to my seat, slumping onto the plastic chair and shaking my hair over my face, hoping I wasnt going to be noticed.

"Right then people," droned my maths teacher in his stony voice "today we have a newcomer in our class, he's very smart and we all want to welcome him don't we?"

There was a murmer of recognition at this.

"Right then boy, I think I'm going to swap you with jeremy, so can you go sit down over there please."

I can't breathe. Jeremy sits next to me! Well, not anymore! I beamed as if there was no tomorrow as He came and sat himself next to me.

Although, as an individual, when something good happens to me i generally start jabbering away like a possesed idiot, though, as I was trying to impress Him, to my horror i heard myself saying, "I'm very good at maths so if you need any helf whatsoever I can definatly help!" What a lie. Though it's a good one so hopefully...

"Right" interupted my maths teacher "I am now giving out your latest test results and i want you to learn from your mistakes! Right then, firstly, Roseanna, unfortunatly you didn't do all."

He handed over my paper on which was scrawled in blood red ink "5%". God, that's bad even for me. In horror I realised what I'd just said and turned with a false grin plastered on my face to face Him. He didn't look very understanding. Lie, but don't make it obvious. Yeah, 'cause that's sooo easy to do... 

The End

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