Ten Reasons

            Ignoring all the frozen stares boring holes into her, Elizabeth jerked around and was leaving the school when Vincent woke from his shocked silence.


            She turned around with a raised eyebrow. “Why what?”

            “Why aren’t you interested?”

            “There’s a ton of reasons,” Elizabeth replied coolly.

            “Well? I’m waiting,” Vincent said, tapping his foot impatiently. She had rejected him in two words. Him! The most sought after guy in school! Honestly; it completely wasn’t his fault that he hadn’t seen it coming. It was unpredictable!

            “Let’s see… Firstly, my mom wouldn’t agree to it.

            “Secondly, dating is a boring exercise that’s predictable beyond imagining.

            “Thirdly, it would cut into my studies.

            “Then, there’s the fact that you’re too popular, so I’ll be the topic of every gossip tale.

            “Fifthly, dating you will make at least forty girls hate me which would be an inconvenience when it comes to projects and such. 

            “Also, I refuse date anyone below me in every subject.”

            Good lord, she was right on all of those aspects. Moreover, Elizabeth was firing off with an annoyed expression, as if she was explaining a mundane, obvious subject.

            “There isn’t a point in getting all involved and making sacrifices,” she continued, “when I’ll never see you again anyway after going to Harvard.

            “Oh, and I also refuse to hang in with the flirty and irresponsible people around you.

            “The ninth reason is that I’ll have to spend money on gifts for special occasions that you have.

            “And then, dating means sharing personal information like my bad habits or where I spend Sunday afternoons; something I won’t share with the likes of you.”

            For God’s sake, put a little tact into a public rejection! Elizabeth, seeing she was finished and he was taken aback, began to turn when Vincent asked, “Ten reasons, right?”

            She turned with a smile. “Yup. I have ten whole reasons not to love you. Before you say that you don’t need me to love you, just know that dating without love is meaningless since the compromise both people would have to make would then unworthy of the cause.”

            Vincent waved that aside with an impatient hand. “Yeah, sure. Will you date me if I negate all those reasons?”

            It was her turn to gape. “HUH?”
            ”If I get rid of all those reasons on why you wouldn’t date me, will you be my girlfriend?”

            Elizabeth quickly recovered with a condescending laugh. “Hah! Fine then. Be warned, you’re on a collision course for heartbreak. I’ll give you four months.”

            It was Vincent’s turn to laugh. Sure he was miffed, but this girl really was something. Another reason why he was so obsessed with her; that overbearing confidence resulting in the urge to prove her wrong.

            “Bring it on, sweetheart.”

The End

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