Chapter 4: Too Far GoneMature

We quickly checked the surrounding cars for anything of use, there was nothing. It was all laptops and various game consoles along with once-fresh food. It certainly wasn't fresh any more, infact the stench of it all added to the smell of the infected mounted up to a bloody bad stench. The smell wasn't the only bad thing, the whole scene didn't exactly look good either. The cars had blood stained windows, decaying corpses and mauled children. Of course there was the infected that had done the damage as well, whole families lay decaying in cars. Some waiting to reanimate, others to badly torn apart to come back.

The sea of cars carried on for miles and miles, we were walking through it for what seemed like forever. Eventually, the cars began to become less compact until we found a somewhat quieter area of the highway. However, there was enough vehicles for us to find a safe place to stay the night. An abandoned RV was in the road, after a quick inspection it was obvious that the owners had simply ran out of gas. 

The doors were unlocked but once inside we could manually lock them easily. It was nice inside, no nasty smell and everything was clean. It was safe and secure, the perfect place to spend the night. The sofas inside unfolded into a bed and after a quick bite to eat and a drink- we slept. It had been a bloody long day.

The End

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