Chapter 4: Too Far GoneMature

The next morning we rose early, ate and left. We didn't know how long we'd take to get past the mass of infected and cars. It was now or never, we joined onto the highway and began walking as quickly as we could. We generally managed to stay quiet and out of the way but before too long our path was blocked by a Wanderer. I managed to deal with it swiftly and quietly but it wasn't enough- a Seeker had noticed us and alerted others.

Before long, all the infected in the vicinty were upon us and had us surrounded. We tried to prevent it by killing a lot but there was just too many. Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I went into battle mode, caving the skulls in of anything that came near us. Jaymee meanwhile was sloppy, they were too close to throw knives at so she had two larger knives and was stabbing them as quickly as she could. However, the knives frequently became stuck and in the end she just got in the way. 

Despite this, we managed to push through the infected until we could get ahead of them- they were now coming to us which made them easier to deal with. We made light work of the Seekers; with the wiser ones in charge gone- the remaining Wanderers were too easy.

Looking at the ground where we had just fought for our lives, we saw the corpses that littered the floor. Surprisingly to us, there wasn't actually very many but it felt like thousands while we were in the middle of them all. 

The End

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