Chapter 4: Too Far GoneMature

Well, I guess that was beneficial for a while. Me walking behind her was safer, I could kill any infected that crept up behind us easier than her. I had a better aim up close, any Wanderers or Seekers that appeared behind us got a bat in the face. Any that weren't killed by the blow were stunned and knocked back, allowing us to strike again with ease.

As evening fell, we reached our target destination- the edge of the city. My plan hadn't worked, despite managing to meet the highway a couple of miiles down, the road was completely blocked up with infected. It wasn't a pleasant sight; burning and wrecked cars lay everywhere you looked, you could see trapped infected inside some of the cars and there were a lot of Wanderers and Seekers stumbling around.

We agreed to tackle it in the morning, it would be fully dark soon and we didn't want to take on the infected when we couldn't see as well as we normally could. We retreated back into the alleys and hunted for a safe looking place, none fit the bill particularly well. In the end, we went into a building, searched for any infected and headed to the top floor. We barricaded ourselves inside a room with the little furniture that was inside before sleeping. There was no incidents that night, though I didn't sleep as well as I normally would; concious of the fact that Jay could have been dangerous.

The End

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