Chapter 4: Too Far GoneMature

That was conversation over, I thought she was exaggerating about her skills. I thought that her kill before could have been a fluke, a lucky throw. I didn't believe her for a second when she said that she'd never been taught how to use the knives. I've never been the biggest fan of knives anyway, you have to keep them razor sharp and they can be a nightmare if they get stuck. I was happy with my faithful baseball bat.

Although, I wouldn't like to be up against a Destroyer with only that... no way. Then again, I wouldn't like to be up against a Destroyer ever- not even with a machine gun or a grenade launcher.

We started to walk again, getting deeper into the city until we got to the point where we could change direction and make our way out again. Jaymee always kept her knife belt on from this point, one hand always on the hilt of a knife. I don't know if this was a precaution against me or the infected... probably both. 

I was always slightly nervous when she had those damn knives around; always walking slightly behind her so I could keep an eye on her. She mentioned it once and I tried to laugh it off but failed. She said that I didnt have to worry, she wouldn't harm me. But, as much as I wanted to, I couldn't bring myself to believe her. She understood and said I was right to not trust her due to the circumstances, saying that she deserved it. I guess this time she was telling the truth, I shouldn't have trusted her at all...

The End

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