Chapter 4: Too Far GoneMature

Okay, that's enough deep thinking for now. Back to my life.

Jaymee was still upset and getting to the point of hyperventilation. I sighed, retrieved her knife and put it in my pocket before wrapping her up into a hug. She sobbed into my chest for a short while before managing to pull herself together and calm down. I pulled the knife from my pocket and , although hesitant to do so, gave it back to Jaymee. She sheathed it and muttered a thank you before looking down and staring at her feet.

"Why didn't you tell me about these Jay?" I asked her, speaking softly but still firmly
"Because I wanted to see if you were reliable and trust worthy first..." She mumbled in reply
"Jay c'mon, it's not like we're strangers is it? You saved me and we know eachother from Uni! How do you expect me to trust you now?"
"I didn't trust you at first. That's why I kept these," She patted her belt "a secret!"
"I trusted you! I let you into my house, let you eat my food and let you sleep in my safe place! I didn't stop and think for one moment that you might be hiding something from me!" I hissed "Do you know why?" Jaymee shook her head, still staring down at her feet "I didn't because I trusted you! I thought you were the girl that I knew before!"
"I'm sorry Quinn, I really am..." She mumbled
"Is there anything else you should tell me?" I snapped
"See now I don't know if I should believe you or not..." I trailed off, taunting her, daring her to fight back.
"Look," She snapped "you know now! I'm sorry for keeping the knives a secret but there's nothing neither of us can do! If you really don't trust me and want me to leave then I will." 
"No..." I paused and sighed "of course not. I don't want you to go." I paused and buried my head in my hands for a moment before sighing again. I looked at her, she was now looking up at me. "How good are you with those knives?" 
"Pretty good, I guess. Throwing them is my stronger point, I'm not so good at stabbing up close." She answered
"How did you even learn how to use them?"
"I just found them at my mates flat, it's not hard. It's just aim and throw, like a gun is just point and shoot."
"It's not that easy..." I remarked 
"Isn't it? It is for me..."
"Well, I think you're the exception Jay." I said, causing her to giggle. "Well, enough talk. We better get moving I guess."

The End

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