Chapter 3: Something To FearMature

Before, seeing a corpse would have torn me apart. Now, it doesn't faze me. That day, I started to change. I started to step up and be the man I needed to be; a survivor.  You don't survive by being upset and emotional, you're just gotta get used to the reality. 

People do that in different ways, I did it by beginning to go numb. Not everyone goes numb, others become ruthless killers if it means they'll survive just another day. Others, don't change and fight to stay humane.

Those are the people that die.

The problem is, is that you can't prepare for it. You can have as many canned goods as you want- heck, you can have a steel bunker! The point remains the same. You can prepare physically but you can't prepare mentally!

Until you toughen up, every infected you kill hits you like a tonne of bricks. On that day, I began to toughen up and would continue to do so over the coming days and weeks. On that day, Jaymee was nowhere near tough, it took a few more encounters before she even started to become less sensitive and emotional. That was going to put her in a lot of danger in the future, oh boy do I know it.

I guess what people mean when they say the infection is something to fear- is the mental impact. Wanderers, Seekers and Destroyers are dangerous but the number of those would be so much smaller if it wasn'r for the mental impact. So many people killed themselves and eachother because of this impact and is still affecting those who are still alive. Like I said, it had a different effect on different people. I became a better person but so many became bad.

Believe me, I know.

The End

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