Chapter 3: Something To FearMature

Our moment of peace ended far too soon. Shortly after it began, we were greeted with the familiar sounds of infected moans and groans. We cautiously walked ahead and soon saw three Wanderers- normally this wouldn't be a problem but we were stuck in a small street littered with cars and there was hardly any space to move. We could have backtracked and found another way but I hate backtracking- it's always best to keep moving forward.

I reached behind me and grabbed my baseball bat from my bag before telling Jaymee to get back and out of the way. I left my bag with her and stood a couple of metres away from the rabid infected. Due to the lack of room, they struggled to all rush at me once. That was one upside to the small streets and all the destruction.

The first infected lunged forward and took a swipe, I dodged it's grasping hands and slammed my bat into it's side. It toppled backwards, knocking the infected behind it down before falling on it. The second infected snapped and snarled at the Wanderer pinning it down, which was pitifully trying to get up. I didn't want to give it a chance- I ran and slammed my bat into it's skull, turning it concave. The Wanderer beneath it was still alive but unable to get up due to the dead weight atop of it.

Suddenly, I heard Jaymee scream.

The End

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