Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

We finished our conversation on the matter and it had passed quite a lot of time- a couple of hours talking about what was happening around us. It was getting dark and we hadn't found a single place that was safe- nor had we found any infected. Contrary to popular belief, this is a bad thing. It means that they've all grouped together somewhere and there's a possibility that it would find us or we would find it.

When we eventually found somewhere safe, night had fallen. It was terrifying, the streets are scary enough during daylight hours... under nightfall it was awful. Eventually, we found a small corner shop amongst all the houses. The owner of the shop was hung from a rope tied around his neck, swinging back and forth as his reanimated corpse tried to reach us. 

He was one of the selfish arseholes that comited suicide to get out of this mess; now he was the mess. I swiftly put him out of his misery before untying him and letting him drop- kicking the body out of the way.

The shop itself was unlocked and as we went in saw that it hadn't been looted. The owner swinging from a noose outside must have put any looters off. We exchanged some of our more useless cans for ready meals in a can etc. We went upstairs to check that there was no more infected around and found his keys. We returned downstairs, locked the shop door and dragged a shelf infront of it. We grabbed a couple of ready meals in a can for dinner before going back upstairs and barricading ourselves in the bedroom. You can never be to careful.

In the morning, we left early and got back to those damned streets. It was a nice, sunny day- the sky clear of all clouds. For a while, it was peaceful, we were stuck in our own little piece of what it was like before. It was heaven. We forgot about the infected, forgot about the state the world is in and tried to enjoy life for a while. We knew that this wouldn't last forever, so we enjoyed it while we could.

The End

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