Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

Pretty soon, everyone began discussing this report. It was obvious that there's at least three different types of infected, before long governments began talking about them and names were given to these three types.

Type 1: The original group. These are the Wanderers. They stumble around, only hunting for food if they stumble across it. They're never in great shape and are easy to deal with on their own and in small gropus however get more difficult to deal with in larger groups. They are stupid, moan loudly everywhere they go and normally have at least one limb . They can't move any quicker than  a slightly quick stumbly walk. 

Type 2: The second group on the scene. The Seekers.  The seekers are more intelligent and move around in organised groups with a distinct 'leader' who is normally in the best shape and has control over the group. The leader takes control using it's moans, different moans meaning different things. Seekers are quicker than Wanderers, generally moving at a fast walk or jog. Due to their speed and organisation, Seekers are more dangerous but if you take out the leader and everything falls to pieces. 

Type 3: The last arrival, the one that caused the carnage. The Destroyers. Highly intelligent, seemingly unstoppable, minimal damage marks, very tall, immensely strong and capable of sprinting. The name Destroyer is completely suited for it, as far as we're aware- not a single person has lived to tell the tale after encountering one of these guys. One on their own is a nightmare, god knows what more than one is like. Probably hell on Earth. Seekers and Wanderers awe and fear them, they'll always assist one if need be. Although, I doubt that will ever happen.

The End

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