Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

The monster finished behind the camera, came round to the front and made short work of the guards. The guards were firing hundreds and thousands of bullets into this monster machine but they did nothing. The collasal infected launched the guards to the side and decapitated a few. None of the launched guards got back up again after being hit by a powerful arm, the sheer power denting their armour- no doubt caving in their chests. Any that weren't killed by the stirke were killed by the impact of slamming into walls at high speed and tumbling to the ground.

After sucessfully killing all the guards and camera crew, the infected made it's way back to the reporter. It appeared to chuckle darkly, it's dead wheezing making it even more sinister than it was already. 

It circled him, like a lion circling it's prey, making false swipes occasionally. Suddenly, it apparently got bored of it's game and instead of doing a false lunge- it pounced.

The bulk of it shoved the helpless reporter to the ground, still in shot so we could see everything. In one slash, it opened up his torso and he bit down into his chest. Within a couple of seconds, it's head came back up- with the reporters heart between it's teeth. It rose to it's feet, chewing the heart menacingly, looking into the camera.

It swallowed the heart, stared into the lens and made that earsplitting cry once more. All before sprinting over and destroying the camera. 

After a few seconds of black screen, the TV station finally managed to cut back to the studio- where the female presenter was sobbing. That report changed everything, no longer were we dealing with ordinary infected. Suddenly, the full truth had sunk in- were were in deep shit. More shit had hit the fan that anyone had ever realised.)

The End

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