Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

The rest of the infected gazed on, only moving to make a path for it to walk through. As for those who weren't quick enough- they were pushed aside with one powerful swipe of it's arm. I say pushed, they were launched; sending them meters away and knocked to the ground.  It was making short work of it's own kind and demonstrating it's strength in the process. 

The reached the front, looking square at the camera and did the same earsplitting cry as before; leaning forward, arms behind it and mouth gaping wide. All went silent,  everyone including the infected was staring at this beast of a thing. The infected began to disperse and leave the scene, until it was only the beast left. 

At this, everyone thought it was helping them and the reported began to talk again. However, he only managed to for a couple of seconds.

The infected did one last cry... and sprinted for the crew. When I say sprinted, I mean full on sprinted- Usain Bolt style. It reached the crew in about two seconds. Guns were fired but none had an effect. It dissapeared behind the camera but that didn't make a single thing better. All you could hear was heads being torn from necks, limbs being pulled from sockets, guts being dragged from stomachs and bones being snapped like matchsticks. 

Meanwhile, armed guards in riot suits had surrounded the reporter. Ha, as if that made a difference.

The End

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