Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

The reporter had stopped reporting but after a few moments of muttering from the camera crew, he continued to talk. He was trying to not appear scared but he was failing miserably. He was shaking, stuttering and looking like he'd shit himself. He probably had actually, he was absolutely terrified.

Well, he was right to be scared. He just didn't know it yet.

All of a sudden, there was an ear splitting cry. It was high pitched but yet low at the same time. It was powerful, loud and sent shivers down your spine. What we didn't know at the time was that it was a battle cry. 

This noise riled up the infected, thet were all moaning and groaning, snapping and snarling at the reporter and crew. The noise was building and you could hear the panicked whispers of the camera crew in the background. The reporter no longer continued, he was talking to the crew and glancing behind him. You could hear more guns being loaded and aimed along with people calling for backup.

No-one knew what was happening... until it struck.

It stalked in from the back, marching with it's head held high and stepping over wreckage and cars with ease. It was tall, thin and had minimal damage marks- the only wound being the gaping bite on the side of it's neck that caused it's turn. The wound was right down to the bone, flesh was showing; it was grey and diseased. However, if it wasn't for this gaping wound, it could have possibly passed as human. 

The End

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