Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

(The news report was normal at first, the reporter was in his mid-thirties and was in Times Square, You could see a small cluster of infected in the background, gazing at the reporter and his crew but knowing that there was easier food elsewhere. They were in bad shape, not able to move very well at all.

The reporter spoke about the infection,only repeating things that everyone already knew. A couple of minutes in, the infected that were sitting around suddenly all looked to the left. A few seconds later, another group walked in. They were in better shape and walked in sync, they stood in the centre of the filmed area- studying the reporter and his crew while the apparent leader stared straight into the lens of the camera.

After a couple of seconds of staring, the leader made a snarly moan and the original group managed to stumble away off to the side; shuffling or even dragging themselves away to make room for the new group. Meanwhile, in the background, you could hear guns being loaded and aimed at the infected- the reporter was heavily protected. Little did they know that it wasn't enough.

The new group walked over and stood where the old group was- they were in an arrow formation, the leader being at the front. The arrow was pointing at the reporter, the leader still staring into the camera lens. All of the infected were moaning and emitting deep growls, threatening the reporter and the crew. 

The End

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