Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

Infected from outside had torn through there at some point, killing everything and everyone that stood in it's path. There was bloody everywhere, fresh and dried, soaking the pavements and walls. Clothing lay everywhere, some still on limbs, other scraps just on their own. Teddy bears, that would have been clutched by small children- screaming for their mummys and daddys- lay limp in the streets, also covered in bloody. It was awful, truly awful.

Nor did it get any better, we had to continue to go further in to get out again- each street at least as bad as the last. Still deadly silent, still blood drenched and still horrifying. This was still in the outer areas of the safe zone, I couldnt imagine how bad the center of the city was even if I'd wanted to. In the end, to fill the silence, we attempted to make conversation to fill the deadly silence.

Overall, we didn't really have an awful amount of common ground- so we ended up talking about the infection. We remembered an awful, live, news report that was aired the day before power cut out in Philadelphia. It shook everyone and brought the realization of how much shit we were really in.

The End

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