Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

Going out of the front door was out of the question, it would have been suicide. Instead, we clambered over my backgarden wall into the house behind mine. We knew that this was safer as I had looted that house the day when I found Jaymee. Once we were in their garden, we simply went round to the front and then we were on the streets. Speed was essential and time was simply something that we didn't have on our side. Our plan was to leave the city completely and get away from the huge clusters of infected. Settling down somewhere was never something that we thought about, too risky, we were planning on staying on the move.

But, before we could do any of that, we had to get out of the city in one piece.

The direct roads out of Philadelphia would have been too swarmed although the quieter part of the roads would have to be reached by going further into the city. In the end, we came to the conclusion to go deeper into the city, before looping around to get to a quieter part of the main road- past the majority of the build up of traffic that was clogging up the roads closest to the city.

We set off, trying to move as quickly as possible but then  again trying to avoid combat. This didn't end all too well, dodging the infected took time and it was past midday by the time we reached the smaller streets closer to the city.

The smaller streets... they were different. The areas further away from the city were quiet but peaceful in a way; not much blood anywhere with only the odd little patch amd rarely any corpses. The smaller streets on the other hand, were different. They were still quiet but eerily so, blood and bodies littered the scene- crows cawing and picking at the flesh. We were on the edge of the safe zone now... and boy did we know it.

The End

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