Chapter 2: What Lies AheadMature

Jaymee and I were living life happily in my house, however my looting trip had lead a few infected to my humble abode. There wasn't too many out there but as the days went by more and more infected showed up.  After 2-3 days there was quite a few wandering around and they were attracting more, we couldn't risk going out as we couldn't tell how many there were.  It was gonna become very dangerous, very quickly as more and more attempted to break in. We weren't gonna sit around and wait for them to get in, we had to leave.

One morning, after looking out of the window quickly, we decided that we had to go. We ate some stale Belvita's and got packing. I left Jaymee downstairs to pack as much food as she could into her rucksack while I went upstairs to pack clothes into mine. I didn't pack a single photo; they wouldn't help. Besides, I didn't want them, I was and still am done with my family. All I needed was my baseball bat, clothes and food. 

I returned downstairs to Jaymee who had packed a lot of food into her bag, it weighed a ton but she said it was fine. I also filled any empty spaces in my bag with food and water. After getting in as much as possible, we left my house with our bags on our backs and my baseball bat in my hand. We were ready to go.

The End

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