Chapter 1: Days Gone ByMature

Despite not believing the rumours, I had put together a plan in my head- just in case. So, when the news confirmed it, I didn't need telling twice. I jumped in the car and whizzed down to the nearest Costco (a huge wholesale store) and spent an absolute fortune. I didn't care that it might be just a false alarm; you can't buy life. I bought tins and canned goods along with enough bottles of water to cure global drought!

Just under an hour later, I was back home again. I dropped off the food and water before dashing back out to the hardware store and buying a packet of nails, a hammer and a baseball bat. After going home again, I hammered the nails into the bat- making it a quiet but lethal weapon. Then, as I sat down, the realisation of what was happening set in. 

I remembered all the idiots buying expensive jewellery, computers, TV's and the latest phones; for no other reason than they could and money was already starting to lose it's value. I guess I should have warned them, those people would have no doubt perished quickly- either from lack of protection, dehydration or famine. I could have saved a couple of them. I should have saved a couple of them.

I should have saved a lot of people. 

Then again, most of the people buying pointless crap probably killed themselves when the power cut out a few days later.

Oh yeah! That happened next, the power died. Broadcasts, News and updates suddenly went. The population decreased quickly as power gradually cut out across America. The last update I saw covered it- the population had decreased massively. When power cut out in Atlanta, the story was the same. Everything was dead, in more ways than one.

You see, that's the fundamental flaw with apocalyptic suicide: If you get bitten you turn but if you die of any other cause you turn too. We could have dealt with the infection at first, there wasn't that many infected. Then the suicide frenzy came along and everyone killed them selves; becoming the undead. We're swarmed with them now, the suicide lot made short work of pretty much everyone. One person was all it took, the cities were 'safe zones'- thousands of people all in one place spelled disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people in one place, one of those now can't use their PC so they kill themselves. One undead holed up with countless people, it turns five others into infected- they all turn five more. Each.

Before we knew it, thousands of zombies are with thousands of people and making short work of them. Hundreds of thousands less humans; hundreds of thousands more infected. All because one idiot killed themselves. It was carnage.

The End

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