Prologue: 10 Minutes To LiveMature

Post apocalyptic Earth, 2016. Civilization as we knew it has gone- and one man is determined to get through and survive. However, the odds aren't looking great. In fact, he has 10 minutes to live.
This is a survivors tale of what's happened to him and his (albeit limited amount of) friends in the constant struggle for survival. Strong relationships are build between those who live and those who have died. Disaster follows them like a shadow; a shadow shaped like death and undead cannibals.

Shit. That describes the situation I'm in perfectly. Complete and utter shit. It's the apocalypse, so my situation is never good, though never this bad. Well, rarely anyway. I'm tied up to a chair, that's cemented into the ground, in an empty room... that ain't gonna be empty for long. 

Allow me to explain, there's some infected outside-about four or five- they are trying to get in here to get food. This food, conveniently happens to be me. The only thing separating me and them is a battered wooden door that's soon to be off it's hinges. I've been locked in here for about 5 minutes already, another 5 and that door is gonna be gone. Meanwhile the stumbling flesheaters out there should have forgotten why they were trying to get in here in the first place (they're not so bright)- so that gives me another minute or so of them finding me. I'm right at the back of the room and it's like a school hall. So, another few minutes of them getting here. Overall, I'd say I have 10 minutes to live.

That's not very long

'How did I get here in the first place?' Do I hear you ask? Well, I was locked in here by my girlfriend/ex-girlfriend and her mates. Why that dosy cow couldn't just dump me I have no idea... at least I assume that's what this is. 

Well, she may be a dosy cow- but I had a reasonably fun time with her. We had a laugh and a joke, albeit we had fights too, but overall we had a great time.

Well, as great as you can get in a world that's no longer ruled by the living.

The End

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