10 hours of life

Ian has 10 hours left to live. What will he do in those hours? Will he make them shorter? Will he visit family? Will he rob some stores? You decide what his last hours are like.

"you have one day left to live" the seven words did not leave Ian as he strode out of the hospital. He wandered mindlessly around for fourteen hours before he had a thought; I have ten hours left to live. What will I do? I can't wander around for them all. He looked around him and noticed how cool the afternoon breeze was on his skin. The sun shone brightly on him lighting up the people wandering around there lives. Going shopping, collecting or dropping of there kids, going to work. He wondered if they would act the same if they knew Thaler had less than a day to live. He somehow doubted it. He turned and the spot having decided to...
The End

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