1* The start

The moon lit the stret without lamps where two girls were running at high speed. A few steps ahead, two men, thieves, went, whitout seeing to a dead end. When they realized, the tallest of them look with panic the other one.
Without anytouching it, a trash can behind them starts to rise quietly, as if the wind raised it. Then, with a loud noise, fell over the little one, leaving him unconscious. The bags he had, slipped from her hands, scattering its contents on the sidewalk, shining dimly. Jewls.

-W-who are you? -asked the tall, trembling- How do you do that? -Said hastily glancing over his shoulder, trying to see if someone was hiding behind.

Neither responded. With a look, the girls approached the thief, whle the smallest retreated. The little one of the girls addressed, with elegant and feline movements to the villain. She snapped his whip at her side. A new crack sounded

Moments later, both girls were heading to the jewelry covered by the darkness between lamp and lamp. With a slight movement of eyes, the blonde one opened the door of the shop, then they leav the bags again and left.

Both wore black. The brown haired, the smaller, a jersey set, such as artistic gymnastics, which allowed completed freedom of movements. A thin mask reveal just two caramel colored eyes. The second, the blonde, a long coat with a hood to hide his face.

-Let's go home, Meg. I'm tired

-Alex, it's something wrong? Today you was very seriuos-said Meg timidly.

-I'm serious.

-More than usual, I mean.

Alex was silent. Had returned again to have those weird dreams. She didn't know what they mean, which is rare because her power was of magic, intuition, clairvoyance, but she was sure they were important and they tell something from her past.

She only saw a threatening shadows, the flash of a knife and then a red liquid, blood. The only thing who has color, because the rest of the dream was in black and white.

She shook her head to both sides, trying to froget.

Meg looked at her again. She heard Alex moving since two weeks more or less, as if she had a nightmare. She wasn't dare to ask, was too shy. But her feline  instincts inherited from his mother, told him something was wrong.

When they arrive home, they put comfotable clothes and went to the dinind room. Two girls, one redhead and one with black hair playing the Play.

-YEEEEAAAH!-Shouted the redhead, jumping on the couch.

The brunette snorted and left the remote on the table.

-Sure, you cheat.

The redhead laughed, shook her long hair, and said:

-Bah! What happens is that I am given my best football, both in the fiels and at Play.

-What about the night, girls?-asked the brunette.

-Well...-began Meg.

-Well, they were just thieves, all normal-Alex said dryly.

-Sam-the brunette turned-You have to help me with something-said as if unwilling to extend the issue to go unnoticed.

-Which one?

-Kate! Do not shout!-told Sam the burnette to the redhead.


-Shut up!

Sam and Meg drove a look at Alex. But this was gone.

-Well, girls...-Meg beagn-I'm tired, I go to sleep.

-Me too-Sam followed

-I do not thing being alone.

All went to sleep, waiting for the new day.


Far away, but in the same city, shadows were talking.

-My men do not have passed through the town, someone stopped-said a hoarse voice.

-There are some girls, four. They left unconscious, right?-a metallic voice said.

-But that's impossible! They have prevented our movements in six diferent places in one night. What hapens? Do they have superpowers?-said another.

-It's the most probable-the metallic vouce replied.

-No way! There are not now... right?

-No, they aren't the first mutant generation.

-Whoever they are, a plan is underway.-said the hoarse voice.

-Are there more mutants?

-They are willing to join our case...

-So, be it-said the metallic voice.

The three shadows laughed cruelly, in a cacophony of voices that rose from the depht of the sewers.

The End

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