1 in 3: Chapter II

Catherine glanced over at Stuart. She could see his frustration as he hit the steering wheel of the car in fury. She thought for a moment and then walked over to Stuart’s car.

“Umm, do you need a lift?” she asked raising her eyebrows.

Stuart looked up from the wheel; he looked straight at Catherine and took a deep breath in.

“It would be nice”, he said smiling.

So as Catherine disappeared behind the office to fetch her car, Stuart called for his car to be picked up. Catherine came around the corner in her car. It was a white ford focus with pink fluffy seats and dice in the window. Stuart sighed before walking up to the car and opening the door and putting on his pink fluffy safety belt.

“I hate this thing”, said Stuart laughing.

“Ye I guess Stacy is a bit dated”, said Catherine looking around the car’s interior. “I guess I just can’t seem to get rid of her”

“You know I hate it when you call the car that”, Said Stuart.

“Aww but she’s my Stacy.

“Oh please”, Exhaled Stuart as he smiled and shook his head.

The rest of the journey to Stuart’s house went by quite quickly, with general conversation about the day’s events. Catherine pulled up outside Stuart’s front door.

“Here we are, end of the line”, she joked.

“Cheers”, said Stuart. “Would you mind giving me a lift to the car place in the morning, it’s only in Wrexham, ‘bout 30 miles away, I’ll pay you for fuel”

“Hmmm, I don’t know”, said Catherine jokingly. “Ok then, but you owe me!”

“Ok deal, anything you want ever, you have my word that I’ll do it”, said Stuart as he shook Catherine’s hand.

Stuart undid his seat belt and walked to his front door, whilst waving back at Catherine’s car as it sped away from his house. He got out his keys and unlocked the door. He threw his blazer jacket on a chair in the hall and went and sat down in the living room and switched on the TV. He spent the rest of the evening just sitting and eating in front of the TV. He then went upstairs and lifted some weights and then collapsed into bed still fully clothed.

He awoke the next morning at eight o’ clock. The ground outside was frosty and there was a thick fog in the air. He walked downstairs, grabbed some breakfast and went to the phone and dialled Catherine’s mobile.

A few rings later she answered, “Hey Catherine, Um I was wondering if you had time to take me to get the car in about an hour and a half maybe?”

“Ye sure”, replied Catherine. “I’ll be there in an hour then, Is that good for you?”

“Ye that’s great”, said Stuart. “I guess I’ll see you then”

And on that note he put down the phone and went upstairs to get dressed and washed. He came back downstairs at half past nine and had some toast with peanut butter, and just as he bit into the toast he heard a car horn sound from outside and as he looked outside he saw ‘Stacy’ in all her pink and fluffy glory sitting there with Catherine inside waving at him manically.

“Jesus Christ”, said Stuart to himself.

He walked outside and got into the car with his toast in hand. He sat down and then took a bite of the now cold toast.

“Ah ah no you don’t”, said Catherine.

“Um, I don’t what?” asked Stuart.

“No crumbs in my car”, said Catherine “Surely you know that by now”

“Oh please, I’m starving”

“Nope sorry, you know the rules”

“Oh come on”, said Stuart “I’ll how you, how about that?”

“You already owe me!” laughed Catherine.

And then she looked at Stuart and raised her eyebrows, so he threw his toast out of the window.

The car raced down the driveway and onto the road and toward the garage.

“So, how has your day been?” asked Catherine.

“Um not very eventful”, replied Stuart.

“Oh ok then, well I went down to the office to grab some things and then came back here”, said Catherine.

“I didn’t ask you how your day was”, laughed Stuart.

The rest of the car journey was done in almost silence, for some sort of strange reason there was an awkward sense in the car.

As the car sped down the lanes, past trees and animals upon looking out the window Stuart could just see green blurs. The window was a crack open and the air brushed through Catherine’s hair with flew around the car. The air smelt fresh and clean, and almost seemed to clean out the lungs

The End

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