1 in 3: Chapter I

Have you ever had a perfect moment? One of those times, even if it's just for a few minutes, seconds, when time seems to stop around you and the people you're with. When everything is exactly how you want it, where you want it. When you are truly happy.

It was a cold winters morning, the air was foggy, the smell of the sea blew through the streets. Stuart woke up and checked his alarm, 07:30, work in an hour. He walked to the bathroom and peered into the mirror. Staring back at him was a man around 6 foot tall, medium length dark brown hair, bright mahogany eyes, to many women he would be considered quite attractive. He stroked his chin, he had a thick layer of stubble after the night before, he had a quick shave and then walked downstairs. Halfway down the stairs there was a large window, taller than a man, through the window you could see the sea, the waves crashed against the rocks at the shore, in the distance the Isle of Anglesey was visible. Stuart lived on the North coast of Wales in a large modern house atop the cliffs, not 2 minutes from the coast. Stuart continued down the stairs into the kitchen, popped some toast and sat down to a cup of tea. He could here the TV in the background, "Today will be bitterly cold, which average temperatures of around 3 degrees, make sure you wrap up warm today"

"Ahh great", said Stuart to himself "That's Wales for you"!

He finished his toast and made his way upstairs and got changed into his favourite suit. He grabbed his briefcase and ran outside, the moment he stepped onto the doorstep the cold hit him. His breath fogged when he breathed out and he began to shiver, he ran to his car and immediately turned the heater on.

"Jesus Christ, they weren't lying when they said it was cold", he laughed to himself.

He drove down the icy driveway and onto the road, he worked for himself, he made a living by selling his ideas for architecture and housing to real estate agents and contracters. His office was only a few miles away. As he drove, he looked out of the cars fogged up windows. The mist was lifting, and the sun began to shine and reflected off the murky puddles on the sidewalk.

He arrived at the office at 8:40 exactly, every day, without fail. He walked up the staircase in the lobby and into his office. It was Thursday, or what Stuart liked to call 'Lazy Day'. He just sat in his office and spun around on his chair, drank coffee and updated his facebook.

Then, there was a knock at the door, a quiet knock, which immmediately told Stuart that Catherine was at the door.

"Yes Catherine", he shouted.

"I was just wondering if you wanted Mr Fishers application forms for the Denbigh project", she said from the other side of the door. Her voice was muffled and she was very hard to understand.

"Come in Catherine", Stuart said breathing out a sigh.

"Okey dokey", said Catherine as she walked through the large oak doors.

"Catherine", said Stuart, "Tell Mr Fisher that he can have the job, I already know that he's good enough for it, I only just worked with him last week for christ's sake"

Stuart had a smile on his face, Catherine was always asking about Mr Fisher. Catherine was Stuarts right hand girl, they had been friends since high school and business partners for around 10 years. Simon Fisher was a close friend of theirs, a physicist, who helped Stuart plan out all of his ideas.

"Gotcha", said Catherine putting up her thumb.

She then did a quick twirl around and left the room, closing the door behind her. The sound of the door closing echoed around the room. All through the rest of that day Stuart just lay around, occasionally just making a few phonecalls. He watched the clock, just watching the seconds go by. When the clock hit four o'clock Stuart rushed up, picked up his files and made way for the door. As he opened the door he ran into Catherine on the other side.

"Christ", he yelled, "Jesus, you scared me to death"

"Sorry", Catherine laughed. "I was just gonna come and ask if you wanted to come to a little get together I'm having next weekend"

"Umm, ye sure why not", Stuart said while rubbing his eyes. "What time around"

"Well, there's not really a specific time, but if you come around 6 ish?", Catherine asked while smiling.

"Yeah sounds good", said Stuart.

"Great", exclaimed Catherine. "I can't wait!"

"Whoah, ok calm down", said Stuart laughing.

Stuart walked down the corridor and out of the office. He got in his car and turned the key. Nothing. He tried again, and still the car refused to start.

The End

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