No PassionMature

Squinting out the window, through the miserable dark, and the miserable rain, at yet another miserable alley. Wiping the excess sugar from his hands on his developing pouch. He adjusted his weight and stepped out into the night.

"Ah shit!" He found the gutter a swollen river and the rain pelted down. "I hate the goddamn rain." 

"Hey Jim, that's one for the jar." An obnoxious apparition toting an umbrella laughed.

"Jesus woman make a noise why don't ya! Scared the living sh." He grumbled. "Whos stupid idea was it to have the jar?" Huddling under her umbrella they walked toward the alley. "It was yours remember. I think you're trying to give up way too much at once." She smiled warmly as Jim shoved a piece of gum in his mouth. "All or nothing right" Jim chewed.

Jane stopped to talk to the uniform. He walked over to the body slumped in the slush. It looked like one shot, no fight, no flight, no passion just one shot.

"Male. White or fair dark,  thin/average build, medium/tall height. Dark cap, dark clothes. Walks. So, shit scared witness." Jane rattled, amused at the flinch Jim tried to hide.

"Shit woman! You owe the jar." Jim gruffed "It's not my jar" she countered.

"Hmmm this is our man." Jim was ingrossed

"How do you know Jim?"

Still staring at the corpse Jim near whispered. "No passion."


The End

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