Chapter 2Mature

It all started about a month ago, it was a September like any other in these parts the only thing of note were weird reports of odd storms out to sea but nothing that would be on top of daily conversation for local folk. That Monday as well was like any other, my colleagues going about the weekend reports while the young nurses and assistants were talking about how drunk they got and how much they hated Mondays. The complacency caused by the same old routine ended just after lunch that day it was broken when I saw two orderlies running toward the main entrance of the hospital I thought nothing of it until about an hour later when I was paged to the front desk.

I was greeted by an intern who looked visibility shocked I could hear her mutter to another that they didn’t teach stuff like this in school before I got to them. She apologized so calling me but the other doctor in charge was not back from lunch yet and didn't know what to do, the fuss earlier was caused by a white haired man that was blocking traffic to the front of the building when a orderly asked him to move he ran towards the man screaming that’s when security was called and he has been in a observation room ever since. Before I could ask she told me they had done a drug screening and it came back negative and that he had no id on him.
As I entered the room and turned on the light the man didn’t seem to notice the change in brightness, an orderly must of turned off the light for him to sleep it off, the man stood at about 6 foot 3 and had a wild looking white beard to match his white hair, his eyes were grey and almost lifeless giving his face a aged look to it however I could not begin to guess his age, his eyes where that of an old man in his sixties but his face looked as if he could be forty. It took him a while to notice me. When he finally looked my way he made the odd comment of saying "look who's here to see us” followed by a low chuckle. “us” caught my attention he could be showing signs of schizophrenia, I took a seat in a chair near the door to make sure to give him enough room and not to coax him into a outbreak. I calmly asked him his name and then was forced to cover my ears from the horrid sound of laughter that I could never image to come from a human vocal core.

“There are too many here to give a name Doc” the man said as he seemly looked thru me. I deiced to change pace “Do you know what day it is?” the man squinted at me then smiled "September 2nd 2:12 pm". This was my first indication something was not right, there were no clocks in the room and he didn’t have a watch however this alone could not begin to hint towards the magnitude of  horrors that would come.
I let out a sigh as I stroked my chin in contemplation , “So what are you doing here and how did you get here” I asked but the man took a seat on the floor in the corner and started to push on the walls as if to test its sturdiness, he seemly nodded to himself pleased at what he found “It cant find us here, too many too many too many” he started to repeat. No further questioning would do that day,  the most we could get out of him was rocking and repeating those words. I was at a loss, the intern was right to call me.
That night was the last fully restful night I ever had and looking back on it now everything seems so connected. The next day was busy, we had a lot of calls from other hospitals in the area complaining about a influx of people high on some kind of new drug or just simply out of their minds. However I was more occupied with our mysterious white haired stranger, apparently over night he cause some trouble with the other patients in his room and was moved to one by himself. When I went to see him he sat at the head of the bed and faced the wall. Once more turning on the light seemed to enlist no respond from the man. After making a noise moving the chair to take a seat the man said with much more a hint of sanity to his voice “Ah, good day Doctor” I returned the sentiment “Good day to you”
The man turned to face me and I couldn’t help but notice more life to his eyes, as if they belong to someone else. “It wasn’t a good night for you I hear, why attack the other... guests in you room” the old man sighed in contemplation as if trying to find the right way to answer “I couldn't bare to cause anyone else more harm then I already have” he answered in a somber tone, “It's best for us to be alone” he added the word "us" again, I looked him in the eyes “who is this us you speak of” as if this man was a different one then yesterday he acted and spoke with the intent of intelligent not shown the day before “oh they are just voices in my head, we share a common fear is all”. “Well then cant I have the name of the person I'm talking to now?” I asked taking out a pen to write on the pad and paper I had taken into the room with me “Sorry” the old man said “But I'm afraid I cant give you that for the same reason as I attacked those other people... I don’t want anyone else hurt” he said with no hint of humor. “Whats that number on the top of your paper, #09619? is that my number? Call me that he said with a smile.”
I left his room deep in my own thoughts, he seemed like a well spoken and learned man, yet freely admitted to hearing voices and attacking others to be alone, and even more troubling he didn’t try to leave or ask to be let out as many do when admitted to a place such as this it was as if he wanted to be here and what did he mean that he and the voices had the same fear, what could a man fear to drive him to a place like this.
The rest of the week flew by with no chance to speak to the strange man, he freely allowed himself to be moved to a single basement room saying he preferred more stone between him and the outside the move was facilitated by a need of rooms from a growing demand, more and more places between hospitals, police stations and even group homes were sending waves of seemly random and violent outbreaks from both men and women with nothing to tie the instances together, the only thing these people had in common was a lack of criminal record and clean drug screening there was simple no answer for the sudden break in mental stability in the city

The End

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