00314: clay

A 15 year old boy is living in a universe similar to our own, but in the future, and on an icy planet. Everything changes when the Oskares take over the land, and everyone is forced to hide in the brushes. With government conspiracies circling, an elite team of supernaturals with certain abilities are sent into other dimensions to retrieve pieces of the puzzle to get society back to the way it is and 'save the world'. Things begin with a twist and the team of 9 begin their journey: what happens?

The three figures shadowed across the bright mountains as the sun crept up, shining above like stars had fallen and were now orbiting around this orb with bright glowing yellow stains. Funny, since you're adding both the verb and the noun of orb in this sentence, but it fits, as it was appropriately so. The small, dark crevices buried deep beneath the rock were the only shelter from the scalding, seeking light, and the remaining creatures on the desolate land had learned to live in complete darkess, as opposed to facing the extreme light.

"Is it here, do you deem this an 'approprite' area?"

"Dear me. Dear me out, Dante...why does it matter? We're killing this beautiful being anyways...why does it matter where we dump him to die?!" The voice of the young man echoed.

"You leave Askanon out of this," A slimy whisper as the man slowly dropped the baby in the soil and pat it down, "and this is what needs to be done. It is the Answer." Silence once again. The man looked towards the slithering individual with a look of sad worry and disgust.

"I loved him. I loved him, and we had to leave him. It's hard to--." He stopped and looked towards the bright mass above him, the remains of the sun. Sighing, he nodded softly, and the three dissapeared again, leaving the silent body of the baby alone. Alone.

The End

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