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A meteor hits her world, and everything is out of place. Not knowing what is going on, Rinalee is brought to the future to save the planet and the human race from dying. Without any idea on what to do, the only information she has is this strange tattoo on her right shoulder: 00.

"Don't say anything."
The assassin stared at Rinalee Snow. Her eyes were red and her smelt of blood. She dropped the head of the assassinated man, looked down at it, and stared back at the young girl in front of her. "Don't say anything," the assassin repeated.
Rinalee was shocked. They were on the fourth floor of a large hotel which was used as a shelter for survivors of the meteor strike and the perpetual war. Rinalee wanted to scream, she also wanted to run, but she was afraid of what the assassin might do.
"THE ELECTRICITY SHALL BE TURNED OFF NOW." The speaker blurted out with static fuzzing around each word spoken. The lights shut off, but the room was not effected. Rinalee tried to pivot away, but the assassin's hand was too quick for her and caught her shoulder. "Killing you would be rather easy," said the assassin said sarcastically, "but then I'd die."
"You're the one who murdered somebody, it's not my fault I came into the room," Rinalee said, trying not to choke on her words.
"I was ordered to kill by the government," she said. The assassin smiled so heartlessly that Rinalee felt chills shoot through her spine.
"Don't lie to me," Rinalee gave a chuckle. "After the meteor clouding up the sky and killing many, people scattered. There's no law!"
Light suddenly shot through the window into the room right at the girls. The deafening roar of a helicopter's blades was heard outside. The assassin tried to look through the bright light to see who was in the helicopter. "Target locked," a man's voice was heard. "Ready."
"Shit, mumbled the assassin. She grabbed Rinalee's arm and started running towards the window.
"What's going on?!" shouted Rinalee.
"No time to talk!" shouted the assassin. They approached the window. "We're going to jump!"
Glass shattered from the fourth floor of the hotel and the two girls barely avoided the gunfire from the helicopter. The assassin landed on the ground with ease and caught Rinalee before she could cause any permanent damage. They ran to the assassin's motorcycle and drove off with the helicopter in tow. "Wait, you have to tell me what's going on! We just jumped from the fourth floor and I almost broke every bone in me!" Rinalee shouted.
"I'll tell you once we're out of this mess!" The assassin shouted, making a quick turn into an alley. She pushed Rinalee off the bike right when they stopped. "Keep running! We'll go different ways to avoid the helicopter!"
The assassin drove out and the helicopter followed. It started shooting, but turned around after a few minutes. "Sir, the girl is not on the vehicle," said the man on the helicopter.
"Damn, do they really know...?" muttered the assassin pulling on the brakes and driving into another direction.
Rinalee, too frightened to protest, did as the assassin had said. She was running as fast as she could through the alley trying to find the streets. She hadn’t heard the helicopter for awhile, but suddenly, it returned and a number of shots were heard. "Target found."
Rinalee finally got out of the alley wishing to catch her breath, but was soon snatched by the assassin. "To be wanted, aren't you excited?" asked the assassin, trying not to laugh.
"Excited? Are you mad? Why am I wanted in the first place?!" shouted Rinalee frantically. "I did nothing wrong!"
"That's what I thought exactly," she said. "Alright, I'll just tell you what you have to do because I know I won't be surviving this.
"What I’ve told you before weren't lies. I am an assassin who works for the government. Or something close to the law. There's no government now, but in the future, there is one."
"A time traveler?" asked Rinalee a bit surprised. "But --"
"The man I killed was going to try to overtake the government," said the assassin, making a turn, barely avoiding a few helicopter bullets. "To find you, I'm amazed. You must go to the future and tell a man named Greyfield about what happened here."
"What if he doesn't believe me?" asked Rinalee. She felt something sharp skim her left cheek.
The assassin patted her right arm and then smiled at Rinalee. "Just show him it," she said with a smirk across her face.
"How did you know?" shouted Rinalee, flushing red.
Before the assassin could answer, the motorcycle suddenly skidded and then flipped. The helicopter’s dominating rotors had been replaced by the tire blowing out. The assassin quickly covered Rinalee from the fall and rolled across the street. "Damn, we've been sniped!" said the assassin helping Rinalee up.
Another sharp object skimmed Rinalee's left cheek. "It seems the sniper isn't being serious yet," muttered the assassin, after seeing two cuts on Rinalee’s face. "Okay Rinalee, here’s the deal. Only one person can go through a time portal at a time. You’re going to go in first. Remember what I said before. Find Greyfield."
She snapped her fingers and a portal was created behind Rinalee. "When you're there, trust your instincts. I know you’ll be alright on your own."
"What about you?" asked Rinalee, not budging a bit to get in the portal.
"If you're alive, it's all good," she answered.
"I have one more question," said Rinalee, while the assassin was pushing her into the portal. "Who are you exactly? You never told me your name or anything."
"Are you really that stupid?" the assassin laughed. "I'm you."
She smacked Rinalee’s head towards the portal. Rinalee fell into the portal and it snapped closed. The sniper pulled the trigger as Rialee fell through the portal. Missing its intended target, it hit the assassin instead, killing her.

The End

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