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The Musicians Secrete

added 5 days ago

The Little Book

added 13 days ago
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Whispers in the Dark

updated 20 days ago

The Night Dolores...

updated 23 days ago

The Guardians

updated 24 days ago


added Mar 19
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The Man with the Light

added Mar 11
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Dawn of the World's End

updated Mar 10

An Angel's Face, a Devil's Heart(A Game of Cat and Mouse #1)

updated Feb 21
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Master of Souls

updated Jan 25
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The Reaper and the Shinigami

updated Dec 19 '16
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a hate hate relationship

added Dec 13 '16

Rage of the joker Cat

added Nov 11 '16

You Know Me Well

added Nov 7 '16

The human tree

updated Nov 3 '16
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dead world character bio

added Oct 13 '16

The Ghosts' Worst Nightmare

added Oct 10 '16

The Monitor

added Oct 8 '16

Chesire Smiles, Scalpels and Textiles

added Sep 19 '16


updated Aug 28 '16

The Meadowlark

added Aug 16 '16

the weird week end

added Jul 24 '16

Hiding in the attic

added Jul 23 '16
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