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I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry, Claire. And my guilt will only increase when I die. And we both know that that's a 'when'.

added Dec 26 '14

Skip this, it's basically me slamming my head into the keyboard and complaining.

added Dec 23 '14

im done

added Dec 14 '14

photography and muses

added Dec 8 '14
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please ignore this, because i just had a tough time, and its a drought in my head, and writing floods it, and its one evil or another. ive chosen this one.

added Dec 4 '14

woes of a grammar perfectionist

added Dec 2 '14

Let's Get Our Sh*t Together, People

added Nov 30 '14

Not Knowing What to Write About: Brain Vomit

added Nov 23 '14

Give Me A Label, I'll Give You Confetti (Because Everything Has Decided to Turn Upside Down For Me Right Now)

updated Nov 23 '14

No Saints

added Nov 18 '14
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The Ties That Bind

added Nov 18 '14
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Original Content

added Nov 18 '14
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Is Your Refrigerator Running?

added Nov 18 '14
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On Friendships

added Nov 18 '14

Chasing the Mean

added Nov 18 '14
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The Sounds of Solace

added Nov 18 '14
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added Nov 17 '14
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to those of you

updated Nov 9 '14

You Seriously Think The Rest Of Us Don't Have To Deal With This? Look Around You!

updated Nov 5 '14

Letters to My Family

added Nov 4 '14

Strange Dreams

updated Nov 1 '14

Marin, Work in Progress, Writers Needed!

added Oct 26 '14

Notes from Class

updated Oct 24 '14
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