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A Step Into the Batcave

updated 8 days ago

Perception Seemingly So...

updated Oct 5

The End

updated Oct 3
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Choosing the Dress

wandering hearts

added Jun 6
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letting go of lost ties

added Jun 6

Strange Dreams

updated May 21


added May 16
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Dissociative Identity Disorder

added Apr 14

collaborative short story by moses and eli

added Apr 13

Then and Now

updated Apr 8
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Life As We Knew It (Chapters 11-15)

added Apr 1

The Day The Slowing Started (chapters 1-3)

added Mar 18
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The Demons Under My Bed

added Mar 6
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I'm In Love With My Bestfriend

updated Mar 6

Being an artist is the same as being a wizard.

added Mar 2

What a Father Should Never Be

updated Mar 2
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The Worst Day of the Week

added Dec 22 '15
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an excerpt of encouragement to any and all considering collaboration for the first time

added Nov 15 '15