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Gay Marriage

The Sad Truth of the A-Bomb

Choosing the Dress

I Broke our vows

Feline Responsibilities Stand Easily

fire to the rain by Adele

added Apr 14

collaborative short story by moses and eli

added Apr 13

Age Of Miracles Chapter 9-16

added Mar 25

"The Age of Miracles" week two analysis

added Mar 25

Within my living days

added Mar 2

The Shepherd Journal

A Train of Creatures.

My world

added Dec 6 '15

prompt two 11 part a, the en ee chronosong...

added Nov 21 '15

My Unsung Lyric, by travis

added Nov 21 '15

an excerpt of encouragement to any and all considering collaboration for the first time

added Nov 15 '15

I haven't told you the best part...

added Nov 15 '15

On the Aftermath of Tragic, True Love

added Sep 3 '15

Begin Anew

added Jul 30 '15

Envision: Short Film

added Jul 2 '15

Helpline website ideas

added Jun 30 '15

Musings and Thoughts

added Jun 21 '15