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Magic Wand the Script

added Jan 16

War Novel Brainstorm

Zerox RP

added Jan 14
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Yes, words are cheap

added Jan 11
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The Eldest Curse

added Jan 6

Dear diary?

added Jan 5
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Cheese Rap

added Jan 4


added Jan 1
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Ridgecreek Valley

added Dec 29 '14

I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry, Claire. And my guilt will only increase when I die. And we both know that that's a 'when'.

added Dec 26 '14

Skip this, it's basically me slamming my head into the keyboard and complaining.

added Dec 23 '14

Witch Hunt

added Dec 16 '14
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added Dec 14 '14

im done

added Dec 14 '14

I See Ice (I see Fire parody)

added Dec 14 '14

Defining Sword and Sorcery

added Dec 12 '14

Only if...

added Dec 9 '14

photography and muses

added Dec 8 '14
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