Zu Sein Ou Ne Sein Pas?

Uh... so yeah, I was experimenting with other languages again. The title was supposed to read 'To Be Or Not To Be?' but it's probably more like 'To Be Or Be Not?' if you want to be picky. Oh, and it's partially French (which I'm pretty fluent in) and a bit of German (which.. yeah, no).

If everything that is real is material -

Touchable and tangible and palpable,

Then love doesn't exist, then neither does hate,

And the world is a logical race, just as

The human race is perfectly reasonable.

You see my point, yes?

We cannot define love by intended purposes

Between gender, and we cannot declare

Hate unreasonable and illogical.

Grandeur comes at much too high a cost,

And bandages are temporary, a soluble

That dissolves in water, a swish of power

Causing it to tumble, crumble down.

So, you know, we are insubstantial in some ways,

With disobliging obligations and

Unaccommodating commands,

The things that make us human,

Ghosts of people or otherwise.

The End

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