heart speaking to the world

Zombie Heart 
In between the ground and the heavens above
The angels get a better view of a past that doesn’t matter much
And a future that may never come
And somewhere in between these two versions a zombie heart cried out: 
Doesn’t it make you sad to see that life is nothing more than a fading star
For I guess that this old heart of mines thought that it’d live forever
Never knowing that it has been dying since the day it was born
And this old soul of mines grew up way to empty 
Never knowing that it’d die with nothing to believe in 
And wrong yes I may be 
But my pain of old foolish pride seems to disagree as it leaves behind
A river of unseen tears
Who wait patiently for an angel of mercy to bend over back wards
And bribe the heavens above in giving this old zombie heart a 
One way ticket to the other side 
And who knows maybe one day this angel will finally shine her light
And guide this zombie heart to a place in where it can find a 
Peaceful state of mind 
But until then it’ll just stare at itself in the mirror and whisper 
In this tired life of mines not even a hundred years would ever kill
All the pain that I’ve ever felt inside
For since the day of my unholy birth I’ve always known that
I’d never belong within the gaudiness of your golden sky 
So until I decide in where my final resting place should be
I’ll never again ask you to show me in where to find all the love
That I’ve buried down deep inside 
I’ll just let the years pass me by 
And let this old zombie heart of mines alone to slowly rot away and 
Copyrights © belong to jack 2006   

The End

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