Zombie Bride

The gown hung from me like cobwebs,

Revealing candle-white skin,

Riddled with blood-clots like brown-red beetles,

Dried veins full of crimson dust,

Have collapsed upon themselves like caves,

Lumps of flesh beneath the arch of each nail,

Flesh and blood that doesn't belong to me,

There is black thread and a silver needle,

Glinting upon the windowsill,

The stitches still itch and sting,

The scars, scabs, blood-clots are almost ornate,

They give me no pain,

I place a hood over my dead hair,

And step onto the sun-drenched balcony,

Then I lean forward,

Let go of the white-wooden rail,

Then throw myself down into CD coloured water,

Suicide of a zombie bride.

The End

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