This is basically a poetry-story about a girl with anorexia, who starts at the bottom (0) with her goal, and eventually makes her way to 10. That's basically it. No hidden symbolism, no deep meaning, unless you want to read that far into it.



glass half empty

glass half full

i don’t want either

i want zero


my bones are showing

my skin is thinning

my hair peels from my scalp

i’m getting closer


the knobs of my knees

the ridge of my spine

the ache in my chest

i’m almost there

but not close enough

to count


because they always find me

zero doesn’t make me strong

i can’t fight back


they put me in white rooms

glass houses

fill my veins

drip, drip, dripping fluid

bringing me back to




so far away from zero


and i plot

and i wait


they want me half full

half empty

they don’t care

as long as i’m full enough to count

but i want zero


 the hollow of my thighs

closes in

the weight of my skin

is too much to bear

for a bone-girl like me


in my dreams

i fly

in my dreams

i soar

unburdened by




all those numbers bringing me down


so i plot

and i wait


when i’m away from white rooms

glass houses

i’ll start the countdown again













and this time

i’ll make it all the way

to zero





The End

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