This is a fun thing to do. It has something to do with doing Abecedarian poem. I hope you enjoyed it.

A said, Adventure awaits for me on the other side.

B said, Boredom is not in my bloodline.

C said, Caring & a Cup of Coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise.

D said Daring is my new name.

E said Enough with people's negativity.

F said Flowers will make any woman happy.

G said Gotta go and do what I Gotta do.

H said Heaven sent is for me.

I said I choose to be free from anyone's approval.

J said I love to Jam to the man I love.

K said Keep my distance from people who don't appreciate me.

L said Love is the most powerful thing.

M said My love is strong.

N said my life is None of the Nosy people's business.

O said Outstanding!

P said Peter Pan who?

Q said I am quality.

R said I do not like to Rush.

S said I am spicy.

T said Think only positive Thoughts.

U said Use what I have.

V said I am Victorious.

W said Wait it out.

X said X marks the spot.

Y said be the real You.

Z said I am Zealous.

The End

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