Keep in the same and remainMature

One looked at another, and against all odds

They waited, afraid, praying to their gods

And surprisingly, now, the banging stopped

The noses of the enemy had the scent dropped.

But the young ones' relief wasn't destined to last

For the feet of the zombies proved to be fast;

And upstairs, a window started to rattle

As Amy and Benji started to equip themselves for battle.

The rattling kept going for half an hour

Amy and Benji's faces started to look sour

And it was only when the window broke

That one of them finally spoke

'Dear Benji,' said Amy, tears welling in her eyes

'Even if this is our last day, they will not have taken us by surprise'

But before she could say more, Benji said:

'Don't worry, baby, it will be long before we're dead;

Now let's go invesigate what's happening upstairs,

Should we go alone, or in our pair?'

The End

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