Armageddon Arm In ArmMature

A collaborative addventure Zom-Rom-Poem

 An inch apart or a world away,
 It didnt matter because most separate.
 But one pair stayed whole, holding hands,
 Averting the zombies, death and destruction.
How long had it been they'd been runnin'
 Pale masks and marscara now rubbed in.
 Caught in a no-mans-land never before
 They'd to break in and barricade a bathroom door.
Humanity and society have stumbled,
 Stations and structures dam crumbled.
 Millions alone killed by floods and fires
 Hell of a world when the dammed dead rise.
Yet the two were alive against unbeatable odds,
 But were they to thank chance or some kind of god.
 It seemed we were all forsaken to live this bad dream
 the dead, the alive and those stuck in between.
But now with a breath, each to lay eyes upon.
Their former lives they had long forgotten.
In the silence where even whispers were bare,
Eyes now re-met from their thousand foot stare.
They Undressed their wounds and one another,
Both entered the candle lit shower.
The swirling drain began to flood
With droplets of ash, mud and blood.
Their heads tucked in together as they embraced,
Their bodies together now pressed and now swayed.
A look and then a Kiss, so far so clean
But their innocence then disappeared amongst the steam...
The fringe of each face nested white,
Following flocks of ravens taking flight.
He pampered her face with fluffy towel
Struggling to abstain a second Arousal.
While black clothes drip he blanketed her dry
Conflicted emotions; shall she laugh or cry.
He traced her cheek suddenly her eyes began to shine,
The first shared smile of what felt a life time.
Averting eyes and minds from haunting host's portraits,
Mainly since raiding the master bedroom wardrobes.
Now dressed in strange clothes that do not fit,
They played the old folks from American gothic.
The distance held sounds of moans and gnashing teeth
But they sat there on the lounge now drifting asleep.
pretending they'll survive in a time such as this,
But never mind 'cause right now ignorance is bliss.
The night fires were soon replaced by light of a different kind
Now the sun-rise colored the curtains and window blinds...
Benji rose half asleep his nose doing the leading,
The house smelt like cooked bacon or so he was pleading.
Benji peered over Amy to see what was on his dish,
But was sprung and deflected by Amy with a kiss.
"don't look yet. sit down and I'll bring it to the table"
She wanted this done properly even wearing an apron.
It wasn't bacon that she brought with her
but cooked canned meats like spam and liver.
"that's all they had but we can share mine again."
But Benji no longer could convert to vegitarian.
As he looked down at her plate of wild collected greens,
He chewed his meat stating "it's tastier than it seems".
But as they ate other nostrils sniffed out the source
And a banging could now be heard at the side of the porch...

The End

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