you've lost me

How can you ignore what you have become, you must be so numb.

you wear a faulty disguise, hiding behind all of your lies.

you try to march to your own drum but you cant hit a beat, you've given up full of defeat.

do you even bleed or are you just full of this toxic waste? do you feel impervious like your former self is replaced?

it's okay keep pumping yourself up you don't need your family, i'm sure you get along with your clones nicely.

you drive me mad the way you make yourself so worthless and callous,you make me sad, but you wont listen to reason so all i have is this notepad.

at 27 your still a junkie, its a miracle your not dead i guess your just lucky.

i think all day and all night, i think what do i have to say to make this right?

you made your choice brother i just hope you see, you've sold yourself and you've lost me.

The End

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