You've Gone Forever...

I’m sitting here alone,

Thinking about all the good memories,

And good times I had with you,

I know they’ll be no more of those,

For you are no longer who you use to be,

You’ve changed,

And it’s not your fault,

It wasn’t a choice,

But you’re stuck with this change for the rest of your life now,

I wish you could go back to how you were,

Laughing along with us,

Whilst you told us jokes,

And played games with us so happily,

But I know you never will go back,


It’s taken over you,

It’s taken over almost every inch,

And over the years it’s been taking more and more of you away,

I wish it would stop,

It’s tearing me apart inside,

But I don’t let that show,

Because you would have wanted me to be happy no matter what,

It’s like you’ve gone backwards through life,

Through no fault of your own,

The true you has gone,

And how I miss it so,

I’ll always love you,

That’s something that will never change,

And everyone else will always love you too,

For whom you were and for whom you are now,

I’ll help you to the end,

But I know the real you is gone,

And I know it’s not coming back,

But I won’t ever forget those good memories,

And those good times,

For that it cannot take away from me...



The End

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